Facebook Friending


There was a time when I had a frenzy of befriending people on facebook- I liked stalking people, you see. I’ve been through a period of collecting facebook friends, never complete strangers, though. They have to be acquainted somehow.

Then it died down. Being an avid sharer of my life on social media, I am actually quite adamant in letting people see what I post. I tend to pour my heart out too much when I am alone with a computer.

My latest friend-adding dilemma concerns one specific individual. Yes, I’m (still) talking my Tinder A! My Tinder adventures have become a little boring recently. There are a few interesting individuals who I’ve talked to, but none as engaging as Tinder A. I’m not sure if it’s because when we matched up we were both brand new to the app thus we were more determined to make it happen. “It” NOT referring to sex by the way, it’s not how I operate.

I matched with Tinder A a few days after valentine’s day this year, and I think we’ve been meeting up pretty much every week for two months now. We have no connections on any social media. No stalking was done or could be done. We know each other through honest (well, on my part at least) conversation, first through Tinder, then Whatsapp, then in real life.

Is there any point adding him on facebook when I know him by flesh? Especially when privacy settings on facebook is so elaborate now that I’m pretty sure he can’t see photos/ posts which my friends have tagged me on, hence he won’t really be able to know me through that platform anymore than us actually hanging out and talking about what I do. (whoa that’s a long sentence) And do I want him to see photos of myself from way back in 2007..?

I guess what I’ll get from adding him is that I can see what he’s up to (haha) and I’ll be permanently connected to his life somehow… I actually care about him now, I really do. :/ Considering I’ll be leaving Hong Kong in less than four months (SCREAM), perhaps I should leave a trace of me in his life and his in mine. But I guess I can leave this to the future…

Yes, this shall be a problem for my future self. At the meantime..

LIVE LONG AND PROSPER (I don’t even watch Star Trek, I got this from the Big Bang Theory :))

x m


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